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How To Find Our Newdeal Office

This is one of our offices in Sultanahmet.

How to find us from BLUE MOSQUE

While you are faceing to Blue Mosgue, Hagia Sophia Museum will be behind of you. New Deal Travel will be on your left site. Keep walking to the left and you will see Dervis Cafe on your left.

(When you are facing to Blue Mosque, you will be on the Kabasakal Street. You will walk to Dalbasti Street. )

Keep walking to down you will see the Ispark Box on your right sight and you will see the Otopark on your left sight. Also you will see the Blue House Hotel a head of you.

After walking 50 meters from Ispark Box you will see the Arasta Gift Shop on the right sight and you will see Sultanahmet Gift Shop on the left sight.

New Deal Travel is oposit the Arasta Gift Shop and next to Sultanahmet Gift Shop.

How to find us from Agora Guest House, Orinet Hostel and Sultan Hostel on the Akbiyik Street

When you come to corner of the Akbiyik Street where the cross with Mimar Mehmet Aga Street, you will see the Hippodrome Apart Hotel on the right sight. You will see the Nobel Hostel on the left sight. You will walk up on Mimar Mehmet Aga Street up to Arasta Bazaar.

Before reaching to Entrence of the Arasta Bazaar, you will see Deniz Bank on your right sight. Keep walking upto the Entrance of the Arasta Bazaar.

When you see the Entrance of the Arasta Bazaar, turn right.

When you turn right keep walking upto until Blue House Hotel on the right sight.

When you reach to Blue House Hotel, you will see the Urartu Carpet Store . You will turn left. :Upon turn left you will see the 5K Jewellery & Ceramic. New Deal Travel is next to it.